Cantina Trexenta on 5-9 September 2013 took part to Ciao Italy, a special event dedicated exclusively to luxury Italian products, food, beverages and lifestyle, held in Xian, central-northwest China.

An ancient imperial capital and eastern terminus of the Silk Road, Xian today is an emerging megacity with a population of over 8.07 millions. Cantina Trexenta had the chance to promote its quality products, strengthen its brand identity towards local media, tv, and the most representatives from GDOs and professionals.

Xian_Ciao Italy

We had pleasure of welcoming thousands of visitors on our booth, more and more of them attracted by Made in Italy. We held successful wine tasting, with our wine receiving lots of positive comments. Especially Tanca Su Conti and Contissa were praised by a well-known sommelier who visited us on that occasion.