Our wines reflect the cultural heritage of a land with very ancient origins: Trexenta. A fertile land with a Mediterranean climate that not only offers high quality grapes, but also produces extinct varieties which are a precious heritage in the history of local oenology. Our experience in the culture of grape vine, handed down from father to son, combined with precise selection of the grape and the right technology in the process, warrants that the best grapes are used in each of our bottles of wine.

Excellence line introduces our superior quality products: Antigu a red, multi award winning, Isola dei Nuraghi, Simieri, an excellent Moscato di Cagliari and Sua Eccellenza a grappa distilled from selected wine musta

Classic line displays our Bingias wine, much appreciated in Italy and abroad: the Cannonau, Vermentino and Monica.

Selection lineincludes our most recognized wines with their numerous awards: Baione the treasure of our Cannonau, available in red and Rosé; Contissa an excellent Vermentino. This line also includes our selected sparkling wine: Gocce D’uva wine made with Moscato grapes and Fondatore made from Vermentino.

Special lineoffers wine with good value for money: the Tenuta San Mauro Nuragus wine, the Duca di Mandas Monica wine, the Donna Leonora Vermentino wine, the Corte Auda Cannonau wine and the new 14 novembre wine and the Abbardente grappa distilled from Cannonau wine.

The passion for our work brings out the best of our grape variety: the warm and persistent taste of Cannonau, the savory and characteristic aftertaste of Monica, the fruity and persistent taste of Vermentino and the fresh and light taste of Nuragus, whose origins are lost in the prehistory between myth and legend. All these wines take us to an enchanted ancient land kissed by the sun and cradled by the sea.

All our knowledge has been handed on in our wines, each product of our commercialization lines promises the same quality standard year after year.